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What are Faux Wood Blinds?

By Keaf Blinds |


Let's get to the point! Faux (Fō) means Fake! A word derived from the French vocabulary. The word Faux crept into our lexicon because, well maybe, Faux sounds exquisively pleasing to the ear when you compare it to Fake.


Imagine in a world of fashion, describing and selling imitation products as Fake Diamonds, Fake Fur, Fake Leather and Fake Wood compared to that of Faux Diamonds, Faux Fur, Faux Leather and Faux Wood?


It would be a nightmarish marketing challenge selling imitation products described as Fake. But calling them Faux (a French word with a French accent), then it becomes a whole new ball game. So much so that Faux Wood Blinds have become the top seller window treatment in the US.


And why not? They look and feel like real wood with multiple textures and colors. They don't warp, crack or peel like real wood, they cost much less than wood and best of all, depending on the brand, they come with a limited lifetime warranty. 


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